Portable Communication Pods: Pilot Project

Deadline: February 1st 2017

Access to shore-based welfare facilities is a key component of the wider welfare strategy under Regulation 4.4 of the MLC. Surveys conducted by the Trust and other maritime funding and welfare organisations reveal that access to a reliable internet connection is a key welfare priority and concern for seafarers. In response to this demand, the Seafarers’ Trust has busily been developing an adaptable and dynamic response to this welfare need in conjunction with our successful Shore Leave app and On-board Online initiative.

Now at a stage in development to publicly announce our plans, the Portable Communication Pods Pilot Project is just what it sounds like; portable 20ft container boxes providing seafarers with access to Wi-Fi, tablet consoles and furniture to rest. As the centres will be powered by solar panels, the centres will be both energy efficient and viable in areas lacking in existing infrastructure (where possible, the centres can also be connected to a mains power supply).

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Seafarers App

As proud funders of a countless number of Seafarer Centres throughout the world, the Seafarers’ Trust remains committed to the valuable work they undertake in providing  seafarers with a home away from home. The PCP Pilot Project will aim to compliment this asset and not replace it by specifically targeting sites lacking in existing service provision. At the Trust we see a future where these pods will be of use to both seafarers and you the stakeholders by providing a space for welfare providers  to meet with maritime workers or  conduct training utilising the inbuilt consoles.

We are requesting business plans from stakeholders interested in piloting the first Portable Communication Pods. ITF affiliates, welfare providors, shipping companies and port authorities interested in being a  part of this pilot project can also assist either by recommending sites of potential interest or simply begin talking about the project in order to generate interest. A pilot project is of course different from a full-scale project in that importance will be placed on monitoring and evaluation.  Those involved in the piloting of the project will be asked regularly to share their feedback of how the project is going.

Host a Centre

The pilot project will run initially for a period of 12 months. We are asking all potential hosts to complete a business case and budget tool (please click on the link below to download) and should be submitted to trust@itf.org.uk by February 1st 2017.

Click here to download the Portable Communication Pods Budget Tool

Click here to download the Portable Communication Pods Business Case Template