Seafarers’ Trust Workshops 2016

As part of the Trust’s 2015-19 strategic plan we aim to become a catalyst for change in the maritime community. Not only do we want to raise the standards of welfare on board ships and in ports through targeted interventions, we want to contribute to research efforts, conferences and and act as a facilitator in order to bring together the best minds both inside and outside of the maritime industry.

To help make this happen we have secured funding to hold three workshops in 2016, bringing together panels of experts to address three key areas of concern:

  • Seafarers’ Health Promotion
  • Social Isolation, Depression, Suicide
  • Women at Sea

The workshops will be preceded by a pre-workshop session in which experts to field will help the Trust steer the agenda, map stakeholders and identify persons and organisations deemed  integral to the cause. Participants will be chosen based not just upon their existing links to the sector, but also upon the knowledge and best practice they can transfer from other areas.

The workshops have two primary aims. Firstly,   as a funding body, the Seafarers’ Trust is acutely aware of its obligations to allocate funds upon the basis of most need. The workshops will help us identify that need, enabling us to maintain not only relevance but also to help us make the best use out of our finite resources. Through both our Vehicle Effectiveness Survey and new reporting system, we have already made concerted efforts to improve the monitoring and evaluation process. Secondly, we aim to contribute thought, knowledge and best practice to the maritime community as a whole. Not only will pilot projects be implemented on the back of these workshops, we aim to publish the expert findings in booklets. This material will be made freely available to the maritime community and will hopefully become essential reading for all those concerned with the welfare of the seafaring community.

More for information on the workshops please contact: