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Ship Visitor App launched to support Seafarers Centres

15 October 2020


The ITF Seafarers’ Trust has funded the ICMA Ship Visitor App managed by the Sailors’ Society to support ship visiting in ports globally.

A significant number of the grants we make provide seafarers’ centres with the vehicles – minibuses, cars and vans – that let seafarers’ centres undertake ship visiting and transport seafarers to the centre or other places.

As part of our 2 years funding for the Ship Visitor App, a new tool has been developed that can help Seafarers’ Centres easily keep track of vehicle usage and send us reports about Trust sponsored vehicles. This new feature will save seafarers’ centres time and the hassle of tracking down information from various drivers or ship visitors.

If you are a seafarers’ centre who want to get started using this new vehicle information tool, we need to enter basic data about your centre and vehicles into the ICMA Ship Visitor app. You can send us your information via this survey

If you have any questions about the app, please contact Paul Langham at the Sailors’ Society at

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