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War in Ukraine – ITF Seafarers’ Trust seeks the view from the sea

21 March 2022
For immediate release

The ITF Seafarers’ Trust is seeking to highlight the impact of the war in Ukraine on seafarers, with a further photography project “War in Ukraine: view from the sea”.

The project aims to share the voices of seafarers, both those from Ukraine dealing with the immediate consequences and from those other countries who have been touched by the war, with a hope to share examples of humanity and tolerance as well as highlight the practical effects of the war on seafarers.   

The war in Ukraine is a catastrophe for all Ukrainian people with widespread consequences for many others. For seafarers the situation creates new practical challenges, on top of existing restrictions to travel and access to shore based facilities still in place due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the war adds further huge pressures and worries on those working far from home and family in a time of conflict.

We hope that all companies will be looking at free internet access for seafarers to allow people to keep in touch. We further trust that all governments will be understanding of the additional stresses placed on seafarers at this time and do all they can to facilitate free movement and access to shore-leave.

Ukrainian seafarers, international colleagues and those who support their welfare are invited to share photos, stories, thoughts, fears, messages for families back home and for the wider world.

Oleg Grigoryuk, President of the Marine Transport Workers’ Trade Union of Ukraine (MTWTU) said: ”During the most tragic and unprecedented crisis throughout Ukrainian history this project is an opportunity to show examples of solidarity and fraternal support amongst seafarers. It will make the different aspects of this tragedy visible to the whole world. We urge our seafarers to participate in this important project”

David Heindel, Chair of Trustees said: “It’s hard to imagine the personal impact of being away at sea while your country and your family are in a warzone. It is vital that these essential key workers are given every bit of support to maintain contact with their families, support their wellbeing and for their voices and concerns to be heard.”

Katie Higginbottom, Head of the ITF Seafarers’ Trust said: ‘At times like these we need to focus on our shared humanity. The ability to express yourself and be heard is not to be underestimated. We want to hear from you and understand the wider impact of this tragic war. We want to document images and stories to be told now and to future generations.’

To support international welfare efforts assisting Ukrainian seafarers directly impacted by the conflict, for every individual who submits a contribution to this project, the ITF Seafarers’ Trust will make a donation of USD$10 to welfare charities providing frontline support in this crisis up to a maximum of $10,000.




For further information and to submit photos, messages and stories to the War in Ukraine: View from the Sea project click here:


For further information please contact:

Mary Bollan

Office and Communications Manager

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Note to editors

The ITF Seafarers’ Trust is a UK charity established in 1981, which supports initiatives to advance the welfare and wellbeing of maritime workers, seafarers and their families. Our funding comes from the International Transport Workers’ Federation, a global federation of transport workers’ unions representing nearly 20 million members, and from our own investment income.

The Marine Transport Workers’ Trade Union of Ukraine (MTWTU) is the ITF’s maritime affiliate in Ukraine representing 80,000 workers 55,000 of whom are seafarers.

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