Hunterlink Recovery Services

Based in Australia, Hunterlink Recovery Services was established in 2010 to fill a gap in support services for maritime industry workers including seafarers, port workers and other workers along the transport, mining and manufacturing supply chains. Its focus is on provision of early intervention and professional counseling and evidence based recovery programs to people in workplaces affected by mental health and substance abuse issues. Hunterlink also operates a transitional supported accommodation program.

In 2012, Hunterlink expanded nationally with the establishment of the Hunterlink National Helpline service. The helpline provides a 24 hour a day, seven day a week free counseling and referral service to workers in the Australian shipping, ports and stevedoring sectors, linked to more intensive support services provided by Hunterlink partners in all major port regions throughout Australia.

Hunterlink Recovery Services now forms part of the integrated suite of services available to maritime, port and dockworkers that assists workers with their employment, career development, training, retirement, mental and physical health, welfare, and wealth management.

The Seafarers’ Trust has, over the years, provided a series of large grants to help get the project up and running, including a latest grant of £75,000 in 2015.  Paul Karras, founder of Hunterlink and who sadly passed away in April of last year, was recognised for his pioneering work at the 2015 ISWAN Welfare Awards, winnning the Judges’ Posthumous Award. Hunterlink was also nominated for Organisation of the Year at the Welfare Awards demonstrating the sizeable impact it has had in its short existence. Hunterlink continues to thrive under the direction of CEO, Gavin Kelso.

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