Vision & Strategy

Our vision is to be the leader in promoting and improving the wellbeing of maritime workers worldwide.

Our strategy for 2015-2019 focuses on funding four current campaign themes:

  • Ports of Call – Seafarers have little time in ports and it is normally a busy time. The Trust ensures that services and facilities are provided in many of the world’s ports by granting towards vehicles to transport the seafarers, by providing capital costs of drop-in centres and seafarers’ centres.
  • Horizons – Raising the standards of welfare on board ships during work and rest (leisure) times. These programmes include health, safety, nutrition, and FUN.
  • Beyond the Blue – Initiatives targeting seafarers’ home environment, including social work, scholarships, and micro finance.
  • SeaChange – Working as a catalyst on social normative change. This includes research, conferences and promotion of seafarers’ welfare in the wider community.
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