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OSH Ports occupational safety and health course

OSH Ports is an occupational safety and health app and online training course for dock workers. Written by industry experts in collaboration with the ITF Dockers’ OSH Working Group and supported by the  International Labour Organization’s International Training Centre (ITC-ILO). The free OSH Ports course covers the fundamentals of occupational safety and health specific to the ports sector.  

The course aims to decrease the number of accidents and incidents in ports by supporting workers to improve their knowledge and engage with occupational safety and health in their workplace.  

The course is broken down into 5 modules which cover an overview of regulation, how and why things go wrong, identifying hazards and risks, managing risk and how to contribute to accident investigations. It also includes the ITF Dockers Coronavirus Universal Worksite Protocols.  

Safety and health is a collaborative effort - while employers have responsibility for safety and health in the workplace, workers too need to play their part. This course helps inform them of the basics and encourages active participation in workplace safety and health through their union and workplace health and safety committees.   

OSH Ports is available as an android App via the Google Play Store, as an Apple App via the Apple App store, or online via the OSH Ports website. The course has been designed for users to understand occupational health and safety risks in their own workplace whilst considering the national, regional and international context. It is currently available in Arabic and English for the Arab World and in English, Portuguese and Spanish for Latin America and the Caribbean. Workers can study independently or use the course as part of group training in their workplace. A trainer’s manual is also available, along with promotional materials for the course. 

The course is completely free of charge and on completion participants can take an assessment within the app or website and receive a certificate of course completion supported by the ITC-ILO.  

More information can be found on the course website:   

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