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Each year we award 5 scholarships at the World Maritime University (WMU) and the International Maritime Law Institute (IMLI).

WMU is a global centre for advanced education and research, offering high-quality professional education and providing  students with unique insight into the maritime and ocean sectors. One of the reasons for the establishment of the University was to increase the number of highly qualified specialist maritime personnel in all countries across the world, and in particular developing countries. The University has adopted an equal opportunities policy and positively welcomes applications from women, who are currently under-represented in the field of maritime and ocean studies and employment. As the International Maritime Organization’s centre of excellence for postgraduate maritime education, WMU’s mission is to be the world centre of excellence in postgraduate maritime and oceans education, professional training and research, while building global capacity and promoting sustainable development.

The scholarship available at WMU are for MSc in Maritime Affairs

The mission of the IMO International Maritime Law Institute (IMLI) is to enhance capacity-building in all States, particularly developing States, to contribute to the fulfilment of the IMO objectives thereby promoting safe, secure, environmentally sound, efficient and sustainable shipping through cooperation. Established in Malta in 1988, IMLI started its first programme in 1989. Its main purpose was, and remains, to train officers, principally from developing countries, in international maritime law. Over the last three decades, IMLI’s work has contributed to the establishment of a cadre of experts in international maritime law who are able to prepare, review and advise on the implementation of maritime laws and regulations.

The scholarships available at IMLI are for Master of Laws or Humanities




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